Performance Measures Best Practices

ERCC Best Practices for Measuring the Performance

Of State Electronics Recycling Programs


In September 2010, the ERCC held a workshop on harmonization of state electronics recycling programs and determined that the way in which states measure performances (“performance measures”) and data reporting were a high priority for a broad cross-section of stakeholders impacted by state electronics recycling laws. The ERCC has evaluated the various performance measures of mandated state recycling systems in order to establish valid measures for comparing various programs. The result is a set of recommended Best Practices for Measuring the Performance of State Electronics Recycling Programs. The ERCC recommends that these Best Practices should be implemented over time in order to harmonize data sets and gain consistency for those entities required to report. The goal is to provide a level playing field for relative evaluation of different program types and structures.

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Performance Measures for Electronics Recycling Programs: How Can We Measure Effectiveness?
by Jason Linnell, National Center for Electronics Recycling and Jennifer Nash, Product Stewardship Institute