The table below represents data reported by the following states for manufacturers and brands that they have determined are non-compliant under their respective state electronics recycling laws. Some states provide a list with the manufacturer, brand/s, product categories under which the brand is sold, and the type of non-compliance (i.e. unregistered, do not sell, etc). Other states simply provide a list of brands that are unregistered and unable to be sold in their state for covered products under law. ERCC provides all information available and receives regular verification from the below states to confirm their lists. For states NOT listed below, please see the link to the manufacturer compliance lists to see which brands are in compliance. If you feel a brand or manufacturer is listed in error, please contact the respective state agency where it is shown as non-compliant with the link below. Connecticut, DC, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Currently showing data for WV only. Show All States
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In order to check compliance consult these state pages for registered and compliant brands and manufacturers.

Compliance Lists
If you feel any information here is listed in error, please contact the relevant state agency.

State Contacts
ManufacturerBrandProduct TypesState Confirm Date SourceStatus
EliteLux Technologies, Inc.SansuiTVWV 2024-01-09 Confirmed by WV State AdminNon-Compliant
Venturer Venturer Computer, Tablet,NotebookWV 2024-01-09 Confirmed by WV State AdminNon-Compliant

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